Areas of Focus (by year)


children's services





Who We Are

  • The Scripps Family Impact Fund was created as a partnership between the 4th and 5th generations of the Scripps family, with hopes that it will be a fixture of family affairs for generations to come.
  • We are a large and diverse family that seeks to combine our resources and invest in “big-impact” charitable projects.
  • We are proud of our long and rich history in media and philanthropy and we seek to carry on the legacy of generations past by addressing a wide range of issues and causes.

Why We Created It

  • We launched the Scripps Family Impact Fund in 2018 as a fresh way to collaborate with our extended family.
  • We wanted to coordinate our giving in a way that could have a material “impact” on worthy organizations.
  • The board is composed entirely of members of the family’s fifth generation, and we desire to have a positive influence on the world around us.

How it Works

  • 1st Donors contribute annually to this fund and organizations are asked to submit grant applications to be considered.
  • 2nd After thorough research, the board narrows the list of candidates to three, all of which are asked to submit a brief video about their cause.
  • 3rd All donors cast their vote after reading the grant submissions and watching the videos.
  • 4th The top vote-getter will receive the largest share of the available grant funds.

Who We're Looking to Partner with

  • Large or small, new or old…
  • If you’re a registered 501c3 public charity and have an effective solution to a worldly problem, and your organization fits into this year’s giving cycle, then you might be the next partner for us. 

Vision Statement

We seek to build upon the family’s enduring charitable legacy by helping worthy nonprofits make an even bigger difference.​

Mission Statement

Unleashing our collective power to help others by combining our passions and pocketbooks with the collaborative energy that the family has harnessed since 1878 to make communities stronger.


Questions we’ve heard from nonprofits

The 2018-19 cycle was the first year of the Scripps Family Impact Fund (SFIF), so we don’t have a long track record that would make it easy to answer this question. The only guidance we can give is that our board is determined to avoid any controversial funding, such as a politically sensitive or divisive subject, so organizations in those fields are not likely to receive funding from the SFIF.

Again, without a long track record, it is tough to specify exactly what level of funding we will provide going forward. However, in our first year we awarded grants totaling more than $200,000 to three outstanding nonprofits focused on children’s services.

Grant applications are to be received by January 31. Board members will then ask grantors to contribute to the fund by April. The board will narrow the list of prospective recipients to three in May. In late June, the grant amounts will be assigned following a vote by the funders.

Because the funds will have been collected before the distribution decisions are made, we anticipate recipients will receive their funds mid to late-summer.

We can’t handicap how the funders will vote, but your application should specify a use for the money that will do the most good for your organization and further its mission.

Flexibility is built into our process.   We would recommend you submit your application with a menu of options that allows funding for at least one of your projects if you are selected as one of the top three grantees.

We cannot send money to an organization that is based overseas, but we can fund US-based organizations that have international initiatives.

Members of our family have a long history of supporting philanthropic causes, and we are proud to take that legacy in a new direction. What we want to see accomplished will change from one year to the next (the first year was focused on children’s services, and the second year will be on healthcare, for example), but the shared goal that motivates all of us is that our joint effort will make a material difference in the mission of a cause that is easy for all of us to rally around.

This is another way we are different. The fund is not powered by an endowed foundation. We will ask our family members to contribute every year, giving us plenty of room to grow in the future.