2021 Recipients

Three national nonprofits awarded grants to fund a wide spectrum of healthcare needs

This week, the Scripps Family Impact Fund (SFIF) announced it raised $2.49 million in 2021 to support three healthcare nonprofits that had been chosen by the board from more than 30 applicants. 

“The generous spirit of today’s Scripps family continues a legacy that started in the 19th Century,” said Wes Scripps, co-chair of the Scripps Family Impact Fund. “And I am constantly amazed by the kind and unselfish nature of the family’s giving. No matter the cause – whether it’s children in need, a reaction to a global pandemic, or a desire to help healthcare organizations provide much-needed services – the Scripps family always comes through.”

This years’ grants went to: 

“The board members were so impressed by the high quality of every one of the dozens of applications we reviewed this spring,” said Jaime Scripps, co-chair of the SFIF board. “Every single application was for good people doing great work in pursuit of a noble cause, so it was very difficult to choose just three to be our finalists. But each of those finalists made video appeals to the Scripps family that made it clear we chose well. We are honored to partner with such worthy and outstanding nonprofits.”

To ensure it makes an “impact” in as many areas as possible, the SFIF changes its focus from year to year. Children’s services agencies were the beneficiaries the first year, with healthcare scheduled to be the focus in year two. Due to its urgency, Covid-19 was the focus in 2020 and pushed the annual schedule back a year. The area of concentration for the 2022 cycle will be animals.

“I thought the Scripps family would come through in a big way for our healthcare cycle, but I was astounded to see a final figure of nearly $2.5 million,” said Ray Granado Jr., the Fund’s board secretary. “Our Fund is young and growing fast, and I believe it will be a force for a long time because we have so many engaged family members representing multiple generations. Philanthropy is starting to feel like a ‘family business’ for us with three current generations integrating their involvement.”